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legno composito di plastica wpc recinzione

legno composito di plastica wpc recinzione

legno composito di plastica wpc recinzione
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1. ce, rohs, astm 2. 10 anni di garanzia 3. eco - amichevole 4. bassa manutenzione del composito wpc recinzione

composito wpc recinzione


What is wpc?

The eco - friendly wood plastic composite outdoor decking / flooring we produced is made of 

= 60%  bamboo/wood fiber  ( professionally treated dry bamboo/wood fiber )

= 35%  hdpe  ( grado a recycled hdpe )

= 5%  chemical additives  ( anti - uv agent,  anti - oxidation agent,  stabilizers,  colorants,  anti fungus agent,  coupling agent,  reinforcing agent,  lubricants... Etc. )

This material is extruded by professional wood - plastic extruding machine under high temperature and pressure,  so it is a kind of insect proof,  green environment responsible material based on a 10 years warranty.  


Main features of our wood plastic composite:

1. con profumo di legno, naturale sentire

2. durevole,  anti - impatto,  wear proof,  with high density
3. high capacity of uv - resistenza,  and color stability
4. high resistant to moisture and termites
5. easy to be installed and low labor cost
6. required no painting,  no glue,  low maintenance
7. 100%  recycled,  environmental friendly,  saving forest resources
8. barefoot friendly,  anti - slip,  no cracking
9. weather resistant,  suitable from - 29& deg; c to 51& deg; c


Our other products:  

Diy decking tiles,  wall rivestimento,  rail &  fence,  flower box &  dustbin,  bench,  accessories,  etc



Iso9001, iso14001, ce, rohs, intertek test di relazione con standard astm.


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legno composito di plastica wpc recinzione

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